Creating a Strategic Business Development Plan

Creating a Strategic Business Development Plan

The following video is part of video module series. Each video focuses on providing industry specific business training and provides masters level certifications for business professionals.

Healthy Living and Alcohol

Healthy Living and Alcohol

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still drink alcohol. Summer is a very social time where lots of alcohol is involved, weddings, BBQs, parties. In this video, I give some tips and speak about what I do to avoid feeling awful after drinking and to maintain balance whilst still being able to have fun! Thank you so much for watching. I upload a new video each Sunday so subscribe here…

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Small Business Development| Business Development Strategies|

Small Business Development| Business Development Strategies| – Small Business Development Strategy. Visit to get a full, free business development training course from top international trainers. – for a free small business development strategies book.

This video is on business development and one of many business development strategies in this series of business development videos.



There are hundreds of business development strategies, than when applied through expert guidance will rapidly increase the profits of any business. 80% of these business development strategies are not lead generation so that means there’s no implementation cost.

This video is one of many created by Profit Transformations, leading experts in business development training and pioneers in breakthrough business profit improvements.

This video is on increasing your profits by understanding effects of price rises. Other videos are found in this series on the Business Freedom YouTube channel.

The strategies of business development include: selling, marketing, team building, systems, business growth planning, cost reduction and more.

If you have any questions or comments just ask as the comments are monitored and replied to promptly.

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Solving small business problems on Growth Strategies with Nick Psaila

Solving small business problems on Growth Strategies with Nick Psaila

Solving small business problems on Growth Strategies with Nick Psaila

I chat to Nick about how you develop a clear strategy, passion and direction for business growth, how you deal with setbacks and beatings and we discuss how you as a business owner can use the UPology structure to get results in your business.

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Nick Psaila is a Business Mentor,a successful SME Business owner for over 10 years. He is also a co-founder of The Wellness Business Owners World Summit. Starting his a career as a Holistic Coach he now owns Nick Psaila International a Thought Leading organization created for Entrepreneurs wanting to excel in personal leadership, creativity and business development.

Nick is obsessed with helping business’s clearly identify, integrate and implement solutions that lead to strong business direction, increased profits and longevity. He is currently completing his MBA at the prestigious UNSW – Australian School of Business.

He is also a much sought-after facilitator and has been invited as a key note speaker to present at a variety of business forums, corporate events including health and allied industry conferences WESTPAC BANK, MASTER BUILDERS, BASI, BEC,BnI,Business group networks, Community Colleges and much more.

As well as being an educator at a number of colleges around Sydney, Nick is a part of a select group of International professionals known as Thought Leaders.

He is just about to launch his first published work, “UPology”. This book is designed to provide proven solutions to effect positive change in people’s lives in areas.

You can get his book for FREE at

As a successful and innovative leader, he has effected growth in hundreds of clients, business professionals and their staff, by using real life solutions, hands on techniques and easy to implement strategies which are all hallmarks of his personal, professional & business standard towards excellence.

Kick Start to Healthy Living | Urban Remedy

Kick Start to Healthy Living | Urban Remedy
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You pick a day that you want the cleanse to be delivered and they will ship it to you on that day. Someone has to be home to receive the cleanse because it is organic and needs to be refrigerated immediately. Once the cleanse is received, it should be completed within 7 days.

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