Facebook Business Page Tips – 5 Surefire Strategies To Build Your Facebook Page with Liz Melville

Facebook Business Page Tips – 5 Surefire Strategies To Build Your Facebook Page with Liz Melville

Facebook Business Page Tips – Five Surefire Strategies To Build Your Facebook Page and Social Media Strategy.



Research your ideal customer
You have to know who you’re looking for on social media. You might say, it’s everyone, but you would be wrong, that’s not your ideal audience. You need to think about who you really want to talk to and reach on Facebook and then tailor your message to them.

Use Graph Search. Type in phrases into the search bar at the top of Facebook. For instance, “Pages liked by people who like Liz Mellville”. Substitute your business page name for “Liz Melville”. If you want to snoop on the competition it could be a competitor’s business page name or another page where you might find your ideal customer. Facebook will return a list of other pages that your fans like so you can build a list of their topics of interest. In Liz’s case the results show that her fans are into books and literature. So Liz ought to talk about books and literature but she could bring it back to a business context and ask her fans, “what’s the best business book you have ready lately?” By doing so she is linking it back to what she has found out about what her audience is interested in.
By using Graph Search you are able to hone in on what your audience wants to hear about. Importantly do not talk about what you want to sell but what they want to hear, that’s the key because most of the time that people are on Facebook they are not there to buy but to have a chat.

Set some goals and measure your success
It does not really matter what it is but you should have a goal because if you do not know what you want to get out of using Facebook how will you know it is working for you? Make sure your goals are specific so that you can measure your success. So it might be…

• How many website/blog visitors you can drive from Facebook?
• How many email subscribers you can get?
• How many page likes do you want to get?
• What level of post reach do you want?
• What percentage uplift in sales?

Whatever you choose make sure it is measurable and after a set period of time see whether you have achieved your goal.

Seek out your audience
You need to “fish” in the right place to find people you want. Again you can use Graph Search to answer:

• Which Facebook pages do your audience love?
• Which Facebook Groups might they be in?

Search “Groups joined by people who like (insert your business page name)” and then join those groups, where appropriate, join-in the conversation and occasionally mention what you do. People will get to know you and come across to your page.

Create Attention Grabbing Content
You need the right bait to hook your customers and that’s your content. If you find that you are not getting post reach and engagement on Facebook it is not Facebook’s fault, the truth is you are not creating the right content. Great images are like gold dust on Facebook because they grab the attention and will engage your audience.
It’s Facebook suicide if you try to sell, sell, sell. That’s not to say you should never sell but just follow the 80:20 rule. 80% of your content should be for your ideal customer and only 20% should be about you and your business.
Post news and topical items. Inspirational quotes. Caption competitions. How-to videos. Top-Tips. Ask questions. Post links to other people’s content. Fan only discounts. Reviews and Testimonials. Seasonal posts.

Use Facebook ads
Facebook is now one of the largest ad networks in the world and it offer you laser targeting by using “interests” when you set up your ads. During the process of setting up your ad Facebook will ask you the questions about who you want the ads to reach.
In your ad copy make include your offer and the most important information right up at the top before the cut off. Ask a question, spark curiosity, or invite people to interact with your advert. Experiment with the length. Some ads work better is they are long while others are more effective if they are short. To find out what works best try A/B testing and then use the one that produces the best results. Also test your images and headlines on your ordinary non-promoted posts to see what is likely to get the most likes, comments and shares before you use them on an ad. Your image should be 1200 x 628 pixels because Facebook will then optimise it to look good and PNG files work better than jpeg. If you are using text in your image Facebook will screen it to make sure the text only takes up 20% of the image.

If you don’t know what facebook is see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook
Stay upto date with social media here: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/
Video views on Facebook: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-33794079

Facebook Business Page Tips

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