TSCHE Plans To Implement CBCS Syllabus In Degree Education | V6 News

TSCHE Plans To Implement CBCS Syllabus In Degree Education | V6 News

TSCHE has planned to implement CBCS Syllabus in Degree Education. Telangana State Higher Education Council has issued new guidelines to Telugu Academy over change in syllabus in Degree Education from next academic year.

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Building a Six Figure Kindle Publishing Business | Strategy Pt. 4

Building a Six Figure Kindle Publishing Business | Strategy Pt. 4

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I utilize strategies to make thousands of dollars per month that have nothing to do with selling e-books on Amazon but that utilize the Amazon Kindle platform itself. If you do decide to publish e-books as part of your kindle publishing strategy you also have to decide how you are going to go about doing that.

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February Q&A (AskAli)| Confidence, Healthy Living Tips, Getting Good Grades, +More!

February Q&A (AskAli)| Confidence, Healthy Living Tips, Getting Good Grades, +More!

Hello, everyone! In today’s video, I answer the questions you asked me in my last video. I focused this video on giving advice, so I hope this helps! CAN WE BEAT 100 LIKES? I love you and hope you enjoy this video :)

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In this video, I answer your advice related questions! I give advice on how to be confident, how to get good grades/how to do well in school, how to be successful on YouTube/how to grow your YouTube channel, how to be a confident public speaker, advice for freshmen, how to get through high school, and how to edit YouTube videos! I hope you enjoy :)


1. What do you use to edit your videos? Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11. I actually have some editing tutorials on my channel if you’re interested in learning more about that :)

2. How do you edit your thumbnails? I use Picmonkey.com :)

3. How old are you? I am a junior in High School :) I don’t give away my exact age due to privacy reasons.

4. What camera do you use? I use the Canon EOS Rebel T3i :)

5. Why is your username “GlanzGuru”? What does it mean?
As written on my banner, the word “Glanz” is a German word that can be translated to gloss, radiance, glamour, etc… I thought that “GlanzGuru” would be an appropriate name for this channel. Yes, I have German heritage, but I do not speak German.

6. Where do you live? I do live in the US, but I don’t give away the exact location (again due to privacy reasons).

Thanks for watching! Xoxo, Alison ♥

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. As always, all opinions are 100% mine :)

5 Strategies For Successfully Expanding Your Business by OPEN Forum

5 Strategies For Successfully Expanding Your Business by OPEN Forum

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Each week MSNBC’s Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business.
Your company’s future depends on identifying new ways to grow. Here are five business expansion strategies from YFS Magazine.

Minimizing Technology Disruptions – IT Business Strategies Part 3

Minimizing Technology Disruptions – IT Business Strategies Part 3

Technology disruptions are extremely costly to a business; often, one IT problem can easily result in a cascading effect that engenders issues throughout the entire company. For example, if an employee encounters a computer problem during his normal daily activities, he will naturally turn to a colleague and ask if he has seen this problem. The colleague probably hasn’t experienced this issue, so they will reach out to another colleague before actually contacting the company “IT Guru,” if they have one. As a result, everyone who is working on that problem is away from the business at hand.
This video discusses the importance of minimizing technology disruptions and how to prepare for and manage these situations.